Disaster Management Using Crowdsourcing

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Disaster Management Using Crowdsourcing

Project Description

Crowdsourcing is a method of information collection which utilizes data received from volunteers. A recent approach to its use is in the production of volunteer-produced information before, during and after a disaster takes place. This approach is inherently in line with the requirements of disaster preparedness and recovery.

During a disaster, information is at a premium: there is an urgent need to know which areas are affected, how they are affected, what the priority problems are and so forth. This typically coincides with the disruption of traditional lines of communication. The advent of modern connected devices, such as mobile phones, has provided a new digital development infrastructure, which may be of significant value to disaster response. When existing surveillance sensors used by a disaster warning and response system cannot provide adequate data for situation assessment purposes, crowdsourcing information collection can be an effective solution: People armed with wireless devices and social network services can be used as mobile human sensors. Eye-witness reports from them can complement data from in-situ physical sensors and provide the system with more extensive and detailed sensor coverage.

The crowdsourcing strategy used by the system can be random, relying solely on mobility of individuals for coverage of the threatened area, or crowd driven, with the system providing situation updates as feedbacks to aid the crowd; or system-driven with individuals moving in response to directives from the system. With such a system, emergency management professionals can also receive most of the information they need for preparing themselves to perform a timely and accurate treatment of their patients even before dispatching a response team to the event.

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